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Orwak Flex

A collection of special applications to meet special needs in waste handling and compaction. Compact mixed waste in a bag or bagged waste in a wheelie bin? Or are you searching for a combi-unit that is able to make bales and compact waste in bags? Or do you have hazardous waste, to be handled with care, that requires compaction in a steel drum for safety reasons? Our product family ORWAK FLEX delivers the solutions you are looking for!


  • Versatile
  • Top-loaded
  • Simple to use
  • Small foot-print
  • Adaptable


  • Special solutions for special requirements



Orwak Flex 5010-E

A small but tough baler that requires little space. Feeding material into this top-loading baler is fast and convenient.

  • Impressive compaction ratio
    thanks to high pressure on a small
  • Versatile application areas.

Orwak Flex 5030

This versatile, sturdy and easy-to-use in-bag compactor is ideal for mixed dry to partly wet waste.

  • Small foot-print
  • Hygienic handling of mixed waste
  • The bag is protected from damage during compaction by a steel drum.
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Durable finish; critical parts of stainless steel

Orwak Flex 5030 N HD

Special version for safe compaction of hazardous waste (glass/cans/tins containing residual paint oil or chemicals) directly into drums.

  • Small foot-print
  • Sturdy design areas.
  • Simple and safe
    transportation and
    disposal of chemical waste
  • A steel pallet is included for stable placement of
    the drum inside the compactor.

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