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Bailing Machine

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Making sure less is more
Orwak compaction and baling solutions make a significant contribution to efficient waste management, sustainable business practices, the well-being of employees and compliance with environmental regulations. The benefits gained in each of these areas ultimately translate into financial rewards that make compaction at source a very worthwhile investment. Our ten times less solutions gives you ten times more to realise your waste management goals in the most profitable way.

Less is More

Less Transport

Less Disposal

Less Handling

Less Clutter

Less Risk

Less Time

Less Mess

Less Trouble

Less Energy

Less Pollution











More Money

More Income

More Efficiency

More Space

More Security

More Productivity

More Hygiene

More Satisfaction

More Savings

More Cleanliness




A family of small but effective front-loaded balers, which produce light bales
that are convenient to handle and transport. Thanks to the compact design, the
balers provide rich placement opportunities and are ideal where space is limited.

PRESS FORCE: 4-12 ton
BALE WEIGHT: (cardboard): up to 50-80 kg


This range of five dynamic front-loaded balers, featuring the innovative
Black Star Technology, offers strong and powerful compaction of large
volumes of waste into very dense bales.

PRESS FORCE: 18.5 – 52 ton
BALE WEIGHT: (cardboard): up to 200 – 500 kg



The top-loaded double-chamber balers in the ORWAK MULTI-family are designed
to enable sorting and compaction of different types of waste at source. They can
easily be extended with additional chambers to form internal recycling points.

PRESS FORCE: 3 – 20 ton
BALE WEIGHT: (cardboard): up to 50 – 200 kg


The members of this family are strong and colorful individuals – each with its own
unique qualities and distinct talents! The common denominator in the group is
that they all offer special solutions to special waste-handling needs. In ORWAK
FLEX you find our classic in-bag and in-bin applications as well as a solution for safe
compaction of hazardous waste. All units are top-loaded and simple to use.



Fully automated briquette presses rapidly turn large volumes of waste into compact
briquettes. The presses can be fed while running and with a compaction ratio of up
to 20:1 the briquettes require no binding. Material infeed and briquette output are
easy to integrate in system solutions.

PRESS FORCE: 3 – 20 ton
CAPACITY: up to 300 – 1400 kg/h

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