No. 11 Kranji Crescent, WH Building, Singapore 728656
+65 63620078

About Us

Company Profile

Wah & Hua Pte Ltd (WH) is a leading Singapore waste management provider, located at Kranji Crescent, northern part of Singapore. WH is committed to provide a comprehensive solution ranging from collection, recycling, processes and disposal to technologically-driven energy generation services across the island. WH aims to maximize resource value while minimizing impact in order to further improve both economic and environmental sustainability for all our stakeholders.

WH has seen waste as a resource, and wise management as a path to a more sustainable future. WH will work with you to present solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget. By helping you to trim your waste and achieve outstanding waste diversion across the full spectrum of materials, we help you to save costs and become more resource-efficient. our approach is flexible and customer-focused from initial consultation through to state of the art logistics, waste collections, sorting, recycling and materials recovery.


  • Ensure proper labeling of product and reduce rework to not more than 3 cases per 6 months
  • Actual turnaround (collection) time versus committed collection time:
    (Operation) Customer instruction to collect:
    • Normal: One day
    • Express: Within same day
  • Ensure 100% on-time delivery
  • Reduce electrical consumption by 10%
  • Install appropriate equipment to reduce dust emission
  • Ensure vehicular air emission meets regulatory requirements
  • Zero chemical spillage
  • Zero vehicular accidents
  • Zero accidents occurrence in the work processe
  • Zero fire occurrence

Mission & Vision

  • Build on our strong heritage and expertise to deliver innovative solutions that are envy of competitors, and to benefit of our customers, shareholders, and employees.
  • To accelerate the current waste services to future sustainable and innovative waste solutions.
  • To provide a safe, reliable, innovative and environmental leader in Singapore.
  • To equip people who drive the waste industry forward through innovative ideas and technologies for tomorrow’s thinking.
  • Harnessing dynamic solutions that change the way we see waste management pushing forward towards a cleaner, brighter future.
  • Be customer-focused by providing value for money, leading market propositions and deliver the best customer service and experience.
  • To become the undisputed leading solutions providers of creative and sustainable waste management services.

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